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תמי ברנשטיין

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Tami Berenstein is an acclaimed international Animation and documentary director, a concept artist, animator, and illustrator.
Since graduating in Animation at the "Bezalel Academy of Art and Design" she specialized in different aspects of the trade such as: developing designated TV channels, Conceptual Branding, Development Creation and

The direction of animation series, Computer games, and children's books.

Tami is the Head of the Screen-Based Arts Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design- Jerusalem

Tami is the founder, manager and artistic director of

"AniNation- the international animation festival – Jerusalem"

the festival who was initiated by "The Jerusalem film and television fund", the major developer of Israeli animation industry – established itself as the largest professional animation festival of Israel, with 5,000 viewers each year.

For 8 years she worked as an Art Director at the "Telad" tv network, as well as at "Fox-Baby TV" for which she created an original tv series who broadcasts at 85 different tv channels around the world (Cuddlies, Crafty Rafty, National Geographic JR.), alongside an Israeli "Sesame Street", "safari kids" and a diverse original content for various clients.

She is the chief animation elector and a senior advisor for the "Gesher" fund for cinema.

She is a senior teacher and lecturer in Israel leading animation art schools animation and direction departments for the last 20 years.

Her personal work was screened in festivals all over the world and in various tv channels. She was nominated for the "Chicago International Children's Film Festival" award and won several "Asiff" prizes for Israeli animation.

She was nominated for the "Ofir" prize (the Israeli Oscar equivalent) for a documentary screenplay, and In Summer 2016 she is was named "Animix festival 2016 Notable" the highest award in the field of animation in Israel.

She is the first woman to receive it.


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