Who we are

Animation Guild of Israel R.A. is the representative body for Israeli animation professionals, in all areas relevant to their daily work and to the future of Israeli animation, be it in film, television, gaming, post production services, freelance work etc.
Locally, we represent the interests of Israeli animation through regular work with public film funds, broadcasters and production companies, and through legislation, regulation and various other initiatives aimed at increasing local expenditure on animation.
Within our own small industry we provide legal counselling for union members, professional assistance, events and seminars, employment guidance for recent graduates, and other services with the purpose of creating solidarity and building meaningful collaborations between Israeli animation professionals.
Internationally, we represent Israeli animation and the people behind it in Annecy, MIP, Cannes and any other platform that can expose the world to the rich talent of Israeli animation professionals.

Our work so far

In recent years, Animation Guild of Israel has had significant successes in getting film funds and other sponsors to invest new funds in animation. We've made sure that animation projects and animators are recognized as eligible for various submission opportunities, we've established a platform for collaboration between animation professionals and screenwriters, and we've launched a mentoring project for beginning animators with veteran ones, as well as an annual jobs fair for veteran studios looking to hire young talent.
Additionally, we continue to offer numerous monthly events and seminars that pertain to all aspects of animation work: development, production, storyboard, sales and pitching, contracts, budgets, fiscal management, artistic development, integration of artists into complimentary industries, and much more.

Solidarity is everything

If you are an Israeli animation professional, the Guild is your opportunity to become part of a community of professionals looking to act in service of improving the future of Israeli animation.
Through joint action we can lead the local animation industry to meaningful achievements, more meaningful than any of us can reach by ourselves.
The Guild holds an open-door policy, welcoming any initiative or collaboration aimed at raising the local standard in animation.
Animation Guild of Israel is also proud to collaborate with film funds, festivals, other professional unions and guilds, in various projects aimed at protecting and expanding local content production.

You are the Guild!

Animation Guild of Israel is a registered association (R.A.). Every Guild member holds the right to elect or to be elected as a member of the board and take part in its monthly meetings, where policy is discussed and decided.
However, the Guild's board and its activities are anything but a closed circle, and every guild member is encouraged to speak, offer ideas, initiate projects, ask questions, raise issues and even participate in board meetings, always.

Board & Staff

Board members: Ayala Sharot (Preisdent), Ella Ben Yacov, Amit Gicelter, Lian Brosh, Tamir Aharoni, Nir Weitzman, Yoav Aloof, Reut Bortz, Nitzan Fishler, Guy Hayout.

Ben Molina – Director
Raisheit Shir-el – Coordinator
Yael Nudelman – Social Media

For any inquiries please contact us at info@animationguild.org.il.

Shout out to

Board member Ella Ben Yacov for those lovely animations on our home page.

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